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Criminal Intelligence Service Nova Scotia

About Us

The key to success in fighting the secretive and dangerous world of organized crime is information.

Criminal Intelligence Service Nova Scotia (CISNS) transforms raw information on the activities of organized crime groups into useful intelligence to focus the province’s law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.

The goal of CISNS is to share information and intelligence to prevent, detect and disrupt organized and serious crime.

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From its main office at ‘H’ Division Headquarters in Halifax, CISNS operates eight field offices across Nova Scotia. These offices are staffed by Local Intelligence Officers (LIOs) made up of RCMP and municipal police officers.

These LIO teams, together with CISNS analysts, work with front-line police officers to close intelligence gaps on organized crime groups and emerging criminal trends. LIOs work closely with partner agencies, including the RCMP and municipal police forces, Canada Border Services Agency; Department of Natural Resources; Department of Fisheries and Ocean; Canada Revenue Agency, Corrections Canada and the Department of National Defence.

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Each year, CISNS produces a provincial threat assessment detailing known organized crime groups and assessing the threat of organized and serious crime to the communities of Nova Scotia. This detailed package on known criminal groups and trends also forms part of the national threat assessment developed each year by Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, developed with input from the 10 provincial bureaus across Canada and is one of five mandated outcomes required by CISC.

These mandated outcomes include:

  • Developing a yearly threat assessment on organized and other serious crime.
  • Communicating intelligence and information on organized crime groups and serious crimes.
  • Identifying emerging organized crime groups, criminal activities and criminal trends.
  • The provision of equitable service throughout Nova Scotia.
  • Collaboration between the RCMP, municipal police, Canada Border Services Agency, and other law enforcement agencies.

The Organized Crime Map of Nova Scotia is another key crime-fighting tool produced by CISNS. This information tool is available to front-line officers on interactive compact discs. In 2009, a version was installed in patrol car laptop computers.

CISNS Intelligence Bulletins are widely distributed through the electronic networks of law enforcement agencies.

CISNS also maintains the Automated Criminal Intelligence Information System (ACIIS) database. This national database is used by all law enforcement agencies in Canada to share information about organized and serious crime.

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Contact Us

If you would like to contact CISNS, or require further information, please call (902) 426-7485 or email the provincial bureau at

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