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Criminal Intelligence Service Manitoba

About Us

Criminal Intelligence Service Manitoba (CISM) is one of ten Provincial Bureaux operating within the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) umbrella.

CISM is a strategically focused organization which ensures the timely production and exchange of criminal information and intelligence among our partner member agencies. The mandate at CISM is to be the “Provincial Centre of Excellence” in support of law enforcement efforts to detect, reduce, disrupt and prevent organized and serious crime affecting Manitoba and Canada. This mandate is achieved through the promotion of inter-agency cooperation within the Manitoba law enforcement community.

Staffed with employees who are seconded from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Winnipeg Police Service, Brandon Police Service, Manitoba Justice-Corrections, and Canada Border Services Agency, CISM provides relevant analytical products that assist more than 34 partner agencies.

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CISM is staffed with specialized intelligence analysts and support staff who focus on serious and organized crime groups and individuals. The analysts collect information from partner agencies and uses it to develop strategic and / or tactical criminal intelligence products.

The Automated Criminal Intelligence Information System (ACIIS) is a national database of criminal intelligence that is administered by the CISC through the provincial bureaux. Member agencies contribute to ACIIS.

CISM promotes the integration of intelligence resources and the interaction between law enforcement and the intelligence community.

CISM assists member agencies in the area of criminal intelligence training and the intelligence process.

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CISM generates a number of intelligence products which assist member agencies in providing information on serious and organized crime groups in their regions. Some examples of these products are:

The Manitoba Integrated Provincial Threat Assessment
The Manitoba Criminal Intelligence Estimate

These reports are used by member agencies in Manitoba and by CISC  that benefit the national law enforcement community.

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Contact Us

Criminal Intelligence Service Manitoba
PO Box 5650
1091 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 3K2
Fax: (204) 983-6995

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