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Automated Criminal Intelligence Information System (ACIIS)

ACIIS is the Canadian law enforcement community’s national database for criminal information and intelligence on organized and serious crime -- the only such repository in Canada. Through ACIIS, law enforcement agencies at all levels collaborate in the collection, analysis and sharing of criminal intelligence across the country.

The information contained in ACIIS is used to support national law enforcement efforts to reduce the harm caused by organized crime, including:

The production of intelligence assessments which enhance the ability of law enforcement and government to develop strategies and policies to deal with organized and serious crime.

The development of a strategic approach to operational decision making, priority setting and targeted enforcement activities.

CISC Central Bureau manages ACIIS on behalf of CISC member agencies under the stewardship of the RCMP’s Policing Support Services.

ACIIS Training and Audit

The ACIIS Training Section is responsible for the provision of training to CISC bureaus and member agencies. The unit also develops appropriate lesson plans regarding query, maintenance and train-the-trainer methodologies, and produces supporting course material.

The ACIIS Audit Section performs quality control and audit functions on matters related to access, usage and data uploading in order to facilitate effective use of ACIIS by the user community.

ACIIS Client Support

The ACIIS Client Support Section facilitates communication between ACIIS users and provincial coordinators, Network Services, Helpdesk and other service areas related to the use of ACIIS. Assistance is also provided in obtaining and providing user statistics, managing user and equipment information, and verifying compliance with Memorandums of Understanding regarding security.